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The "fundamental affect" is "affect-upon-affect", the fundamental substance of the entire physical universe, an affect being altered by another affect. And it is governed by a Prime Principle which requires that no affect can ever be instantaneous or take zero amount of time (which is the result of infinity (as infA or H) always being less than infinity² (infA² or H²). Time, being defined as the measure of relative change (in this case, relative to other affecting). Affecting (aka "light in a vacuum") propagates at a particular speed because it can do no other ("Let there be light" - "propagation of affect").

The "Prime Principle" governing affect is simply, "Nothing can be what it isn't" (Aristotle - "Dialectic", aka "Logic"), "It is what it is" (Hebrew), "I am that which is" (Moses), or the ever popular, "I Am that I Am" (modern interpretation of Torah and the OT).

The entire physical universe is made of nothing but the fundamental affect, affect-upon-affect, aka an infinite field of "Affectance".


Affectance Ontology 1